Our Company is driven by a firm commitment to be an innovative and sustainable business. We intend to achieve this by being the consumer’s first choice in sustainable production and consumption while empowering the communities we operate in.


Some of the tea that we source for MISAAN Brand for our International Business from India is 100% Rainforest Alliance certified. Our sustainable sourcing strategy is focused on sustainable agricultural practices, and describes our principles and code of conduct in purchasing tea for our unit. We accept independent third party certifications of sustainable agricultural practices, such as Rainforest Alliance Certified™, UTZ, from our suppliers as evidence that the tea they supply to us is sustainably sourced.

We offer a great variety of various delicate, high quality and unique products which are distinguishable from commercially manufactured tea packets in the market. At the time tea first enjoyed its global acclaim, tea was unblended, celebrating the identity of tea from origins known for quality. A century later the concept of blending became popular, way compromising the authenticity, freshness and thus, sacrificing quality in tea.

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