Interesting Facts About Indian Tea

  • Indian Tea was the first country outside China that started growing its own Tea since 1934
  • Tea trees were found naturally growing in Assam rainforest as wild trees, where leaves were used by Singpho tribes in their cooking.
  • Europeana d English planters took lead in establishing tea estates as an organised sector of plantation industry in northeast India of Assam followed by Darjeeling Kangra valley and then in south India.
  • India’s Darjeeling Teas are named as Champagne of Tea, and are prized among connoisseurs of tea. These teas go well without milk and sugar and its musky aroma are exemplary
  • Teas from Brahmaputra valley of Assam are among the most thick and coloury red teas among the world. For those who prefer tea with milk and sugar the Assam Leaf and CTC teas have no match.
  • India is land of herbs and spices and no wonder Columbus and Arabs came to India in search of exotic flavour of spices and Herbs
  • Misan brings you some of the fine herbal and spice mixes with tea in our tea basket that have been carefully blended for you to enjoy the Indian Flavours with tea.
  • Health benefits of teas and its antioxidant properties are now well known. Misaan takes pride in bringing you some of the upper crust of these teas from Indian Soil that can be well enjoyed with family and friends. They make ideal gifts for your near and dear one too.
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