A Cup of Tea can Change your Mood

Tea For Every Mood: Can Tea Affect Your State Of Mind?

You could probably accompany every mood with a tea of a different color. The effects of black, green and other herbal tea are vast and sometimes contrasting. There is tea that makes you happy and tea for mood swings.
The calming and soothing effects of tea are well known. Caffeine, which can be found in many teas is also well known to give you a boost in energy and help your concentration. There are also more peculiar relationships between tea and one’s state of mind. Some of these side effects are negative and others are positive.

There is a tea for every mood. Once you have started experimenting with the brewing and infusing process you will be able to observe the subtleties of different teas. For some situations, green tea may be ideal and for others, oolong may be the tea of choice.


Tea is a well-known relaxant. For centuries a cup of tea has been used at the end of the day to tie everything together and allow one to reflect. This is partly due to what is in the tea. For example, “the menthol contained in peppermint is a natural muscle relaxant.”(HuffPost). So you may want to brew a peppermint tea the next time you are feeling stressed.

The simple routine and ritual of brewing and drinking also contribute to a sense of calm. For some people, it maybe has more to do with the gentle warmth a good cup of tea brings your body.


If you want to stay focus for a sustained amount of time tea could be your new best friend. Most people reach for a coffee or an energy drink if they need a jolt of caffeine but tea can be equally as effective. Even more importantly tea often tastes better!

Green or black tea before a meeting or a study session could be the quick fix you need. Recent studies suggest both l-theanine and caffeine, commonly found in tea, may improve cognitive function. Occasionally everyone needs a boost and tea can be that warm and comforting solution.